Pet Fix

Sterilizing your pet can not only improve his or her health, but may also help reduce unruly behavior. Affordable Spay/Neuter is also important because it decreases the numbers of homeless pets and can help to reduce unnecessary “euthanasia” in shelters. Unfortunately, for many pet owners the surgery can often be cost inhibitive. To help make sterilization affordable we offer a Pet Fix certificate, available for free at our Shelter in Hastings. The certificate can then be redeemed at participating veterinary clinics throughout the Twin Cities for a discount on the surgery.

Surgery prices:

  • Canine Spay- $225, Canine Neuter-$175
  • Feline Spay-$125, Feline Neuter-$100

 Participating vets:

  • Wolff Animal Hospital (Bloomington, MN) 952-884-4353
  • Maryland Ave Pet Hospital (St. Paul, MN) 651-489-8011
  • Southview Animal Hospital (Inver Grove Heights, MN) 651-455-2258
  • Pet Central (Minneapolis, MN) 612-781-6941
  • Larpenteur Animal Hospital (St. Paul, MN) 651-487-3712
  • Hastings Vet Clinic (Hastings, MN) 651-437-5101

For further details on our Pet Fix Program please contact