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Vicki & her husband Dave

May Volunteer of the Month: Vicki Tyrell

This month’s volunteer of the month is Vicki Tyrell.

Vicki spends a lot of time volunteering with our dogs and we know they love the attention. Vicki has been volunteering with us for about 3 years.  In addition to walking our dogs, Vicki has also fostered some of them as well.  She’s even recruited her husband, her daughter, and her daugthers fiance to become volunteers which has made the experience a “family affair”.

How many animals does Vicki have at home? Her and her husband have a 90 gallon aquarium and 2 dogs; Shelby (a Pitbull mix) and Charlie (a Beagle basset hound mix).

Vicki’s hobbies include: Volunteering with NAMI, green thumb gardener, board game extraordinaire. We hear her favorite game is Farkle.

Fun fact about Vicki: She was a German Exchange student!

Thanks for being a part of the volunteer team Vicki!

Vicki & her husband Dave
Vicki & her husband Dave
Vicki & her husband Dave

Tyler the Great Dane Needs Our Help

IMG_2183Tyler is a 4 month old Great Dane mix puppy. He was brought to the shelter last weekend. The people that brought him said that he had been left on their doorstep here in Hastings. When they found him he had a soft cast/bandage on his right, rear leg.

Tyler was examined by our vet, Dr. Gumbusky, on Monday. He felt the bandage was old and had started to slide down, but was professionally done. He re-bandaged the leg and recommended getting an x-ray/radiograph done.

Tyler was brought to local vet and the results of an exam showed a midshaft tibial fracture. Surgical repair is advised for this little guy, but it’s estimated at $3000-5000.

We are looking for donations to help Tyler get his leg fixed.

To donate, click below.


*Any money raised in excess of the goal will be used for general animal medical care for our animals. 

Vicki & her husband Dave

Give Us Shelter: Cat Condo Donations

Buffy3We’re reaching out to  the community in hopes of raising funds to purchase new cat condos for the shelter. Our current ones are old (almost 25 years old to be exact) and  could become unsafe for our feline friends. Plus, we want our cats to have the best possible experience while at the shelter.

This is the new style we hope to get!

The picture to the right show’s the style of condo’s we hope to get with your donations! They are quiet and each condo has a separate space for litter, exercise, sleeping, and hiding. The replacement condos aren’t going to be cheap, but they will keep our felines safe and happy and ready to be adopted.

For those of you who have visited the shelter, these are not the same condos that we have the cats in where you visit and play with them. These condos are in our intake areas where we treat any animal who may be new to us, sick, have had surgery, etc.

Even if you aren’t able to donate to help, please help us by sharing this post!



Vicki & her husband Dave

Shelter Tales: Harley Finds a Foster Home

Haley & HarleyWe are so excited to share that Harley has found a foster home. He has been at the shelter for 3.5 years and we couldn’t be more excited for his new journey.  Here is an update from Haley, his foster mom.

Harley is adjusting really well to apartment life. The very first day I brought him home, he stopped right in front of my door and sat down like he already knew it was his home. After sniffing around the apartment for a while he plopped down in the middle of the floor and gave me one of his famous smiles. I knew he was pleased with his new space. 
He is much more affectionate now that I have him home. If I’m sitting on the floor, he’ll come over and sit in front of me and put his head on my shoulder. If he wants my attention he’ll come over to me, sit, and lick my hands or arms until I pet him. He has two beds of his own but he doesn’t sleep on either of them, instead he sleeps on a blanket next to my bed. To wake me up in the morning he rests his head on my chest and stays like that until I stir, then he licks my hand to let me know that he needs to go outside. 
He’s very patient, very smart, and very sweet. He hasn’t had any resource guarding issues since he has been with me. He hasn’t really had any aggression issues with anything. At first he would bark at unfamiliar sounds, but he’s quickly becoming accustomed to new noises. 
I brought him a new stuffed animal today and he’s all smiles. Even if he does start some of his aggression issues again, I’ll work through them with him. I have no intention or desire for him to live at the shelter again (but of course he’ll visit!)
Vicki & her husband Dave

Mendards Supply Donation Drive

Stop in to Menards in Cottage Grove, Minnesota this month to take part in our supply drive! Purchase an item from our list and drop in the box near the entrance. 

You can download our wish list by clicking here.


Vicki & her husband Dave

We’re Koop Brand’s Shelter of the Month

koop brandWe are excited to be Koop Brand‘s Shelter of the month for May! For every order placed with them, they will donate one nutritious meal to the Ark for our cats! Visit their website today to order! https://koopbrand.com/

Koop Brand is a local Minnesota company founded in 2016.  Their BUY ONE | FEED ONE Initiative started in April 2017.  Koop Brand will be donating one healthy meal to a deserving, non-kill shelter for every order placed on their website.  To find out more, click here!

Vicki & her husband Dave

Shelter Tales: Miss White aka Emma

We received an update from Miss White’s (aka Emma).  This is straight from her new family:Miss White

“I just wanted to send you an update on Miss White because I believe every happy ever after deserves to be shared.  We adopted her earlier this month and have loved her since the day we brought her home.  She proves to us every day that we made the right choice.  She has shown my daughter and I unconditional love in a time we needed it the most.  She plays, runs around, cuddles, sleeps with us every night, and loves to explore.  We are more thankful for her every day that passes.  I just wanted to share our story!”

Vicki & her husband Dave

We’re Hiring: Cat Care Specialist

HankThe Animal Ark in Hastings is looking for a part-time cat care specialist.
-3-5 days per week (weekends and some weekdays).
-Hours are 6am-11am on weekends and 6am-12pm on weekdays. Hours may vary from day to day.

-Because we house live animals who need to be cared for every day, applicant must be reliable and able to work holidays.

-Duties include, but are not limited to: feeding cats, cleaning cat condos and cages, washing dishes and litter boxes, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. To be successful in this position you need to love cats of all temperaments as well as cleaning.
-Applicant must be at least 18 years old and able to lift 40 lbs. consistently and frequently. You should be physically fit as this position requires a lot of walking, bending, kneeling, and going up and down stairs many times during the shift.
-Must have a passion for animals and be committed to our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals.

-Pay starts at $9.00 per hour.

Please email us your resume at Schultz.jackie@outlook.com

Come and be a part of a great organization saving the lives of animals!

Vicki & her husband Dave

April Volunteer of the Month: Karen Warrings

Karren & TikiWe are so excited to share with you the April Volunteer of the Month!

Karen Warrings has been volunteering with us for a seven years now. She currently works with our dogs. Karen gives them much needed attention and love. She also helps out at our events!

Karen has two rescue dogs at home.

Her hobbies include volunteering with us and she enjoys a really good glass of wine.

Fun Fact About Karen: She has a two year old grandson that she loves to pieces!
If you see Karen at the Ark, please say thank you for all she does!

Vicki & her husband Dave

Easter Adoption Special

From April 10-16, receive 50% off all adoptions.

Please present the coupon when visiting the shelter.

*Excludes kittens and puppies.

Easter Adoption Special