Our Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from Animal Ark! Below are the basic steps & requirements to adopt.

Basic Steps:

• Come to the shelter during normal business hours.
• An adoption counselor will assist you in finding your new pet
• Fill out the adoption application and interview with the adoption counselor.
• Complete the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee.
• Take your new pet home… and spoil them for life!

Adoption Requirements:

• Adopters must be 18 years old with a valid picture I.D.
• If you lease or rent, we do require permission from your landlord or the primary resident prior to adoption. Animal Ark reserves the right to contact your landlord for verification.
• We do require an approved application for kittens and puppies before they can be seen. Also, all animals, regardless of age, will need to be spayed and neutered prior to adoption which means there will be a delay in the adoption of animals that have not had their surgery yet. However, an animal can be put on hold with payment in full so long as the adopter has an approved application, and has met the animal.

Additional Tips:

• We suggest bringing any family members or roommates who you’d like to meet the pet. If you are looking to adopt a dog please call ahead if you already have a resident dog so we can make arrangements for a meet n’ greet at our shelter.
For animals in foster care: please inquire with our shelter and an adoption counselor will assist you in making the necessary arrangements to meet the animal.
• Download our Adoption Application, fill it out, and bring it with you when you come to the shelter. This will save time during the adoption process.
• We do not start the adoption process less than an hour before closing, so please plan accordingly.

Adoption Fees: Adoption Includes:
•   Dogs and puppies: $200-$600•   Surgical Spay/Neuter
•   Adult Cats: $135•   Core Vaccines
•   Kittens: $155•   Flea/tick preventative
•   Senior Cats: $95•   Heartworm testing
•   Declawed Cats: $150•   FeLV Testing
•   Declawed Senior Cats: $110•   Micro chipping
•   Deworming
•   Other medical/behavioral care

*Animal inquiries can be made by contacting the shelter at (651) 772-8983 or by email at shelter@animalarkMN.org