May Volunteer of the Month: Vicki Tyrrell

This month’s volunteer of the month is Vicki Tyrrell.

Vicki spends a lot of time volunteering with our dogs and we know they love the attention. Vicki has been volunteering with us for about 3 years.  In addition to walking our dogs, Vicki has also fostered some of them as well.  She’s even recruited her husband, her daughter, and her daugthers fiance to become volunteers which has made the experience a “family affair”.

How many animals does Vicki have at home? Her and her husband have a 90 gallon aquarium and 2 dogs; Shelby (a Pitbull mix) and Charlie (a Beagle basset hound mix).

Vicki’s hobbies include: Volunteering with NAMI, green thumb gardener, board game extraordinaire. We hear her favorite game is Farkle.

Fun fact about Vicki: She was a German Exchange student!

Thanks for being a part of the volunteer team Vicki!

Vicki & her husband Dave
Vicki & her husband Dave

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