Tyler the Great Dane Needs Our Help

IMG_2183Tyler is a 4 month old Great Dane mix puppy. He was brought to the shelter last weekend. The people that brought him said that he had been left on their doorstep here in Hastings. When they found him he had a soft cast/bandage on his right, rear leg.

Tyler was examined by our vet, Dr. Gumbusky, on Monday. He felt the bandage was old and had started to slide down, but was professionally done. He re-bandaged the leg and recommended getting an x-ray/radiograph done.

Tyler was brought to local vet and the results of an exam showed a midshaft tibial fracture. Surgical repair is advised for this little guy, but it’s estimated at $3000-5000.

We are looking for donations to help Tyler get his leg fixed.

To donate, click below.


*Any money raised in excess of the goal will be used for general animal medical care for our animals. 

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