Give Us Shelter: Cat Condo Donations

Buffy3We’re reaching out to  the community in hopes of raising funds to purchase new cat condos for the shelter. Our current ones are old (almost 25 years old to be exact) and  could become unsafe for our feline friends. Plus, we want our cats to have the best possible experience while at the shelter.

This is the new style we hope to get!

The picture to the right show’s the style of condo’s we hope to get with your donations! They are quiet and each condo has a separate space for litter, exercise, sleeping, and hiding. The replacement condos aren’t going to be cheap, but they will keep our felines safe and happy and ready to be adopted.

For those of you who have visited the shelter, these are not the same condos that we have the cats in where you visit and play with them. These condos are in our intake areas where we treat any animal who may be new to us, sick, have had surgery, etc.

Even if you aren’t able to donate to help, please help us by sharing this post!



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