Shelter Tales: Harley Finds a Foster Home

Haley & HarleyWe are so excited to share that Harley has found a foster home. He has been at the shelter for 3.5 years and we couldn’t be more excited for his new journey.  Here is an update from Haley, his foster mom.

Harley is adjusting really well to apartment life. The very first day I brought him home, he stopped right in front of my door and sat down like he already knew it was his home. After sniffing around the apartment for a while he plopped down in the middle of the floor and gave me one of his famous smiles. I knew he was pleased with his new space. 
He is much more affectionate now that I have him home. If I’m sitting on the floor, he’ll come over and sit in front of me and put his head on my shoulder. If he wants my attention he’ll come over to me, sit, and lick my hands or arms until I pet him. He has two beds of his own but he doesn’t sleep on either of them, instead he sleeps on a blanket next to my bed. To wake me up in the morning he rests his head on my chest and stays like that until I stir, then he licks my hand to let me know that he needs to go outside. 
He’s very patient, very smart, and very sweet. He hasn’t had any resource guarding issues since he has been with me. He hasn’t really had any aggression issues with anything. At first he would bark at unfamiliar sounds, but he’s quickly becoming accustomed to new noises. 
I brought him a new stuffed animal today and he’s all smiles. Even if he does start some of his aggression issues again, I’ll work through them with him. I have no intention or desire for him to live at the shelter again (but of course he’ll visit!)

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