Animal Ark Facts

Over the past couple years; Animal Ark has made several necessary changes in order to make our organization strong and viable to continue to be successful and to support our mission, including replacing personnel and closing the thrift store. It is regrettable that people are engaging in spreading half-truths and outright lies regarding Animal Ark. We believe there is value making sure everyone has the facts. Let’s set the record straight on some of our recent changes.

  1. Animal Ark has NEVER contemplated changing our “No-Kill” core philosophy. Our current save rate is 98.65% as of 09/30/2016
  2. We closed the Animal Ark thrift store in the spring of 2016. The thrift store was in a decaying building in a difficult retail area. The store consistently lost money. It was a financial burden and a distraction from our core mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome companion animals. Remarkably, management was able to secure approximately $380,000 in net proceeds from the sale of the store, the bulk of which was used to pay off significant debt run up by previous management.  Selling the store was a financial windfall, not a financial detriment.
  3. Closing the Thrift Store had nothing to do with changing the operating hours of the shelter. Closing the store helped to focus our efforts and strengthened the shelter. The Animal Ark shelter is open for business five days a week to the general public and six days a week to our sterling corps of dog walkers and volunteers. We are closed on Monday to everyone but the staff as this is our surgery day.
  4. The dog trainers we work with are not engaged in inappropriate behavior. One of our ex-employees has attempted to ballyhoo a video (taken out of context) in which a petite female dog trainer tried to calm a situation with a dog on camera who was highly excitable and being agitated by another dog who was slightly off camera. Pictures and a short video clip are no substitute for being on the scene. Anyone on the scene who actually witnessed the situation gave kudos to the trainer for keeping things safe and calm.
  5. The Animal Ark board was elected legally in accordance with our bylaws and the laws of the State of Minnesota. Our bylaws do not allow for “proxy” voting (illegally attempted by the prior management at the last election), nor do our bylaws allow for “lifetime” memberships. This concept has been debated in the past, but never legally enacted. Any information to the contrary is strictly false. None of our elections have ever been legally challenged.

If there are any additional questions, please contact any of the Animal Ark board members.  

Steve Bell

Elizabeth Porter

Eric Brown 

Audrey Brick

Amy Lauria

Lauren Erickson


We thank you sincerely for your confidence, financial contributions and continued support.

                Sincerely, Animal Ark Board of Directors

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