Dottie’s New Home- Week Two

dottie wk 2.2We received another update on our beloved Dottie who was adopted out a couple of weeks ago. Dottie was at the shelter for about 6 years and we are so happy that she is thriving in her new home. Enjoy the update:

Dottie is doing great!  We just love her.  I have attached a few pictures of her in some of her favorite spots, other than the porch or the foot of our bed. She is using her litter boxes, no accidents, no diarrhea! She loves playing with some small fabric fish I got her. I throw them, she runs and pounces, rolls around and then sits up and looks around as if to say, “I don’t like that toy, I am bored” and then a minute later she is playing with it again.  

She is getting lots of exercise going up and down stairs and in and out of the house to the porch.  Dottie loves to sit in the corner of the porch and watch the birds and chipmunks, her tail swishing .  We were at a wedding this last weekend and had someone watdottie wk 2.1ch her for us and she did great. They said she came right up to them, ate good, let them pet her. 

Our kids stop by just to see her and she is getting to know them so they can pick her up and snuggle. We are so happy that we got to adopt her! 


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