Update on Dottie the Cat

We received an update on our precious Dottie who was recently adopted. She had been with us for several years and just wasn’t able to find the right person to take her home.

We are so happy that she is loving her family! Here’s what they had to say about their time with Dottie so far:

Attached are a few pictures of Dottie checking out our porch.

Dotti2She had a really good first day and night!  We took her right to her room when we got home and opened the kennel door.  She ran out and took off Dottie4down the hall, we forgot to shut the room door.  She disappeared for about an hour although we watched her go from room to room upstairs so we finally went down and sat on the porch.  She came downstairs and explored every room and then headed to the basement.  She finally came to the porch door (picture attached). It took a while but she finally came out. She spent over 2 hours out there with us, often walking the perimeter and then chose the corner to sit ( picture attached). Our son came over to meet her and she went right to him and let him pet her. At bed time we had planned on putting her in her room and shutting the door but she was having none of that so we finally shut our door and decided to see what she would do.  When I got up this morning she was waiting outside our door and headed down the hall way, got part way and turned to make sure I was following and then headed downstairs and went right to the drawer that I had put her food in last night.  She gobbled up her canned food and then headed out to the porch.  She came running in the door and ran around in circles in the family room and then down the hall and sat.  She took off again, running around the living room and then down to the basement and came running back up.  She did this for about 10 minutes. It was so funny!!  We just love her !!!

We will posting periodic updates of how Dottie is doing in her new home, so please check back!Dottie1


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