We need Your Help- Dog Training Sessions

dog training
Saturday’s training session with Max Bitterman.

Being in at a shelter can (even in an awesome and loving environment like ours) be stressful on a dog.  That’s why we work with each dog in specific training sessions to help then adjust to a new their life in a shelter and hopefully a new home.

We’ve been able to put our dogs through 7 training sessions so far, but they still have a ways to go.  We’d like to continue with as many training sessions as possible, but we’d like to shoot for at least another 10! For another 10 sessions, we need to raise $2000 and our next and final session (due to funding) is Saturday, July 9th. Don’t let it be our last! Even with a $10 donation, we can reach our goal.

Hewey with his new family
Hewey with his new family

We’ve had amazing progress with the dogs.  We began our training with Hewey in May and he is a completely different dog. We are so very excited that yesterday Hewey was adopted!

Dunkin is another one of our dogs. He has been in our foster to adopt program. He has gone through some training as well and this past week, his adoption was finalized!

dog training 2Can you imagine a well behaved dog coming right out of the shelter? What could be better when you a adopt one of them!

Please make a donation in any amount with the link below. We (all of our amazing dogs and the volunteers who work with them) appreciate your continued support.

So far, we have raised $450! Thanks for the support!

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