Ann’s Story

Ann Annn

“Time and patience can mean everything”

Ann- a little tabby female cat had occupied Animal Ark for nearly two years. She was shy, not very friendly and did not like other cats. She had had a very rough life before Animal Ark gave her the necessities she needed to succeed. Still even though, there was little hope she would be adopted..

Kathy an Animal Ark Volunteer was bound and determine to get into Ann’s head and break her out of her shell. She loved Ann right away. Even though Ann didn’t return the favor right away. Kathy has many battle scars from her triumph with Ann. She would spend hours with her on a weekly basis socializing and getting to know Ann. Gradually Ann started responding to Kathy’s patience and determination.

Kathy Hartley adopted Ann March 1st, 2015 against all odds Ann found a home.

Kathy had converted a space in her house dedicated to Ann’s room- where she could comfortably endure her new home with Kathy and two feline sisters Libby and Molly. Patiently, Kathy helped Ann by easing her transition from Animal Ark to her new home. Kathy was determined to take the time and patience to convince Ann that life wasn’t so bad and against her past experienced  people could be good and offer a kind hand.

Eventually, Ann wanted to venture out more from her room. It almost became impossible to keep Ann and the other cats separated.

Very slowly under Kathy’s watchful eye Ann gradually joined the rest of the household in day to day life.

Almost 6 months later Ann now likes to watch TV with Kathy on the back of the couch with her paw resting on Kathy’s head. She also likes to play with toys and has a certain persistence of playing when Ann wants to play.

Ann now has a full run of the house and doesn’t hide away from the rest of her family. Though the three cats are not best of buds YET, they are tolerant of each other and get along as well as they can for now.

With the determination using patience and love Kathy had transformed Ann’s life. Kathy was so willing to go the extra mile to ensure Ann would again feel love and make this adoption a success!

Thank you Kathy Hartley for all you have done for the Animal Ark and most importantly for ANN!

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